Some podcasts I've been on recently
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Some podcasts I've been on recently

Some podcasts I've been on recently

Want to hear me talk about One Billion Americans? I've been recording a bunch of podcasts lately and some of them are now out:

• This is me on The Neoliberal Podcast, probably the ideological tendency most obviously in line with the themes of the book.

• But here I am on the American Greatness podcast, which is sort of the opposite of neoliberalism and yet we found a lot to agree on.

• A lot of people have questions about One Billion Americans and the environment, so my appearance on New Books in Environmental Studies is a great place to explore those themes.

• Last but by no means least, my appearance on Conversations With Tyler probably   features the toughest questions I've gotten so far — but some of them are about the NBA rather than the book.

More to come soon!

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